Mr. Robert Sanchez
the CSWRR's Business Agent South.
Mr. Robert Sanchez, the CSWRR's Business Agent South.  Bob is a hard working, dedicated, conscientious agent for the CSWRR, he is always busy and never caught napping . After all, with the popularity of the Prez, this is not an easy task and keeps Mr. Sanchez quite busy.  Besides keeping the Prez's business affairs in line, Mr. Sanchez also arranges his rest and relaxation while touring the coast. This included trips to various local beaches and setting up roller blade lessons from Monique, a local buxom blond roller blade babe instructor. When circumstances prevented the Prez from completing his roller blade obligations, Bob quickly jumped in and volunteered to work under Monique's unique tutelage.

Look, you little cockroach, I get to take the  roller blade lessons from Monique.

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In order to better represent the CSWRR and the Prez in the lower 48, Bob has moved his Business Office from Anchorage to this warehouse building in Oakridge Oregon.  Building his meager living quarters adjacent to the CSWRR office is just another example of his dedication to the job.  Oakridge Oregon has first class sidewalks and little auto traffic where the Pres can be instructed by Monique in the art of roller blading.