Model Railroad Dealers, Suppliers
and Custom Builders in Alaska

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The following listing is provided as a service to Model Railroaders in Alaska and is not to be considered as an endorsement of one dealer or supplier over another by Model Railroading in Alaska.  It is the responsibility of the individual purchaser to verify the quality of goods and especially the quality of any services being provided.

Dealers and service providers to have your name added to this list, please provide your request to be added with the following information: :  1)  The Name of the business, service.  2)  Your Mailing Address.  3)  Phone Number.  4) e-mail Address.  5)  If you have one, your Web Page address.  6)  A sentence describing what your business is and what products or services you provide.  Any other pertinent information such as fax or physical location which might be helpful.  Please e-mail this information to Marty Quaas at and I will include you on the list.  Readers, make sure that your favorite hobby shop gets on this list.

Model Railroad Dealers (Hobby Shops) in Alaska:

Alaska currently has NO recommended Hobby Shops.

This page was updated on: February 8, 2017