The Matanuska South Central Railroad (MSCRR)  is 30 by 66 inch (2 ½ by 5 ½ foot), N Scale railroad which is being built by Bob Almeida to demonstrate what can be built in a small space.  The MSCRR would fit in any small apartment, even in a Travel Trailer or Motorhome.  The legs fold up underneath and it can easily be stored when not in use.  Many enjoyable hours can be spent building and operating a small Railroad such as the MSCRR which is based on a freelanced Shortline, which serves a mine complex.  With Spartan scenery, the MSCRR demonstrates the simpler side of Model Railroading.  MSCRR has been retired and is sadley missed.
The construction of MCSRR is well underway by its builder, Bob Almeida.  Bob will be adding more trees, grass, bushes, people and cars as well as detail to the mountain background. 
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The Matanuska South Central Railroad (MSCRR) is a freelanced Industrial Shortline which serves the Champion Mine Complex. 

On August 2, 2003 the Matanuska South Central Railroad made its first public display at the Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry near Wasilla.  Above and below, Bob is entertaining onlookers with the wonders of his MSCRR.
The Matanuska
South Central Railroad