Mooselips home builder, Ron Tilting is picking up his lumber.  Somehow, all of Ron’s houses just seem to have a little tilt to them.
Tommy has a tree house like the one you wished you had when you were a kid.  Here we see him swinging on the tire swing under the tree house.
The Bear Patrol from Boy Scout Troop 1 is out for a hike.
Some ruffians are tipping over Mike's out house. Could those legs we see in there be Mike's?
Here we see Sophy and her girls are doing the wash, while Carole Ann is raking the leaves next door, stirring up the dust.
At the Palmer Library, a youngster is checking out the scenes on Mooselip.
Yes Bob,from these humble beginnings, the mighty Mooselip has grown.  Bob Almeida was a great help in building Mooselip.
From its first public display at the 2001 Fur Rondy, Mooselip has wooed visitors with all its mini-scenes.
Loaded in the back of a Ford Explorer, the Mooselip Railroad is ready to travel to another display.
Early this morning the Moon-Shiner's younger boy Zeb was delivering 3 kegs of shine when he rolled the pickup spilling the works.  The County Mounties are looking for the boy and the Haz Mat crew has to clean up the mess.  (They used straws.)
The afternoon local, pulled by ARR 2006 is pulling up-to the Mooselip Station.  Some of the local Railfans have turned out to see what is on the train today.
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At the Fur Rondy, I am pointing out all the interesting “goings-on” in the town of Mooselip.  Set-up at the Alaska Railroad Depot in Anchorage, Mooselip awed all it’s Rondy visitors.
These tourists found Mooselip such a delightful place to visit that now they stop by for lunch at the local diner whenever they are in the galaxy.  The Robo family takes a few minutes to window shop on the buildings.
Shown here Marty has Mooselip set-up at Palmer's, Colony Days and is ready for visitors.
The backyards are full of activities. Children are playing while dogs and cats scurry around lawnmowers and other items.
Mooselip Police Chief Terry discusses with Robo Guy that he can’t park that thing in the middle of the intersection.  Robo Guy  just smiled and suggested that Police Chief Terry try to tow it off.
On the left, while the County Mounties are looking for Zeb at the wreck, he is already in the tub washing off the ev-a-dence.  At the top of the picture we see a moonshine still hidden in the trees and OH-My Gosh could that be Susie peeking over the fence.
Atop the Mooselip City Hall, we find the City Council working hard.  They are holding a “Work Session” trying to figure out how to raise taxes to pay for the plow truck.
Word of the moonshine spill got around town fast and Bill is bringing his hound dog over so they can get some licks in.
The Feltman Store is the only place in town to get gas.  They also have great food, just watch out you don’t trip over a dog out front. On the left and below, we see the eternal checker game.
Out behind the Feltman Store, it looks like Kate's dog Darkey has a couple of alley cats treed….ah…ah fenced.
It’s 3:35 and it looks like the School Children are getting on the bus to go home.
Richie and his dog are walking home from school.
Over on the back side of town is the local stock yard.  The cows on the left had to be separated from the others as they have “Spotted Cow Disease”.
One of the cows got out and is headed over to the moonshine spill so he can get his licks in.
As the checker game continues, it looks like Al has just hauled in another car to work on.  Al is really a good mechanic; he even gets around to working on a car once in a while.  Al lives out-back in the old 50’s trailer.
Al not being one to waste space has this two story outhouse for his costumers’.
These two ladies are milking the cow while the men stand there and supervise.
A sow with her two cubs are out looking for lunch.
This car had a race with the train to the crossing and it was a tie. A train running over a car is about the same as a car running over a soda can.
Ken and Barbie have finally tied the knot.  The happy couple will now ride in the carriage over to the “Barn” where the entire town of Mooselip will help them celebrate.
Arnold’s Drive In (from Happy Days) is the best place in Mooselip to get a hamburger, fries and a shake.  Ol’ Arney just can’t flip those burgers fast enough. A close look will reveal the Fonz’s motorcycle is parked outside.
Here in Alaska we grow big cabbage.  This one was grown over on the other side of town.  Which ever side of town you are on, it is the other side of town.  The secret is in the fertilizer, moose nuggets, humpy heads and just a touch of tabasco for flavor.
Two of Mooselip’s businessmen have stopped by Sam's shoe shine stand to get the market report, local news and maybe even a shine.

Ed and Roy sitting on the shoe shine stand are two of Mooselip’s most prominent businessmen.  As a hobby, Sam dabbles in Real Estate and owns about 90% of the town.

One must always keep an eye out for the other residents of Mooselip.
A miniature world in HO Scale created by Marty Quaas,
and assisted by Bob Almeida.

The Mooselip Railroad is a 4 by 12 foot HO Model Railroad, was made to entertain the public young and old.  Mooselip is the concept of Marty Quaas and constructed with help from Bob Almeida over a 7 month period in 2000. The Mooselip display is a model railroad which would fit into most homes and can be built with average building skills and tools.  It is made from readily available, easy to build plastic building kits and is transported in an SUV.  The Mooselip Railroad is available for displays and shows to promote Model Railroading in and around South Central Alaska.  Please join us through the pictures below to visit this miniature town nestled in the middle of Alaska. 

Every town has a story, and Mooselip may be small, but it is no exception, it has quite a story to tell.  From Mooselip's Mayor parading around town, Boy Scouts out for a Hike, to a Hazardous Spill, Mooselip is an active community with many mini scenes.
Over the years, Mooselip has had several Mayors.  In the center of this picture, we see Ol Slippery Sam waving his hat trying to get more votes.  Sam got the name “Slippery” as he would never plow the roads in the winter and everyone just slipped and slid all over town.

Shortly after this picture was taken, Slippery lost his re-election to Mike Backitch, 56 to 1.  Mayor Backitch would “scratch your back” if you “scratched his back”.  Mayor Backitch only lasted one term, thank god.

To make sure the residents remember me, I often parade around town.  That’s me sitting up in the back of the convertible.  Most folks just refer to me by what I do most of the time, "I Do Little".  Following the convertible is my Band Wagon and a Plow Truck.  If you take a close look, you can see the tuba player “falling off the band wagon” and the plow truck which I got real cheap for two months, July and August.  Riding on top of the Plow truck are two environmentalists from the group SAM (Save All Mosquito’s).
At the 2005 Colony Days Celebration in Palmer, Alaska, we see Palmer’s Mayor John Combs chatting with me, Mooselip’s Mayor Ichabod Dolittle.
A Bear is about ready to have lunch.
Moose Pooper Trooper Officer Drooper, a member of an Elite Security Patrol has been assigned to keep an eye on this Ichabod  Dolittle character.  Watching from the shadows and always blending in with his surroundings, Officer Drooper is on duty.  Moose Pooper Trooper Drooper is so good that he is often referred to as "Super Drooper".
One morning at the 2003 Fur Rondy in Anchorage a rather strange visitor was found resting atop Kens Pizza Parlor.  These tourists from another world had made themselves right at home and were enjoying the friendly Mooselip hospitaliity.
The Story of
Mooselip Alaska

As Told By Ichabod Dolittle,
The Mayor of Mooselip

The Penguin Family will be taking the train to Seward to visit their cousins.
Moonshiner Clem is napping [passed out] by the still with his pet skunk.
Agnes is feeding her Chickens.
Agnes is telling the many visitors all about Operation Lifesaver
One of the things that has created a lot excitement with Mooselip visitors has been the use of the “I Spy” sheets.  Visitors young and old have contests to see who can find all the items on their sheet first.
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