The Party Car
The Party Car is a special flat car with has been modified to carry the current and past regular Consolidated South Western Railroad Operating Crew members on special tours.  Above, we see the Party Car with it's guests of the CEO stopped by the San Bernardino Station for all to admire the statue of the Prez.

The following folks are riding on the Party Car.  Some have moved away, some have found other interests and regretfully the names in bold are deceased.

Steve VanGoor, Kit Roberts, Jerry Ritter, Tim Petishen, Chris DeBrock
Matt Adams, Roy Foster, Peg & B.J., Vern Osborn, The CEO, Cory Brause
Daniel & Walter, Paul Eaton, Frits Liebregs, Bob Almeida, Bob Sanchez,
Jeff Childs, Larry & Suzanne, Larry Zendle, Mike Semerad, Pete Mejia,
Don Sherwood, Becky Stauch, Dick Ayers, Van (Bruce) Vanatte,
Casey & Friend, Eric Helverson, Agnes, Chuck & Lois-June Overton,
Ken & Arlene Brovald, Bruce Headle, Pat Durand, Phil Paramore, Mike Bishop,
Art Ewing, Robert Foxley, Jerry & Sharon VanThome, Bill Foster, Bob Morris,
Larry Winter, Eric Schildmeier, Jeremy & Friend, Tim Miner, Bob Eengelbach,
Terry Symonds, Gail &Richard Clinch, Patrick Palmersheim, Skip Engstrum,
Mike Morrison, Josh Vellieux, Jeff DeBrock, Ed Kovich, Brady Green, Mat Abby

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