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The History and Travels
of the Business Car Alaska.
Part 10, The Prez's Visits Cordova, Alaska
then a Trip to Canada
Would you like to have the Prez and Business Car Alaska visit your Railroad or Club?  For more information, e-mail Marty Quaas, CEO of the Consolidated South Western Railroad.
July 11, 2008 - The Prez left Alaska with Robert Moore, CEO of the Rocky Mountain Railway & Coal Company in Kelowna British Columbia, Canada.  Their first stop was in Big Valley, Alberta and the FREE-MO meet.  (   A special McKinley Explorer car with an entourage car was used for the weekend of August 15-17, 2008.  (It looks like Matt Abby’s McKinley Explorer cars get around.)
Chasing the train for a few miles, we get a good shot of the Prez crossing a river.

Then it was off to Kelowna British Columbia behind CPR’s “The Canadian”.  The Prez really enjoyed this part of the trip as he could just kick back and relax.
On September 10, a short trip was made to Peachland B.C. to sample the ripening fruit and a visit to the Central Okanagan Railway Company,   Kettle Valley Railway.  May I suggest that you click on this link, then take the Virtual Tour.  Peachland is located in the Okanagan Valley, just south of Kelowna BC on Highway 97.
The Prez then proceeded a few miles….Ah kilometres North to Kelowna’s, Laurel Packing House, 1304 Ellis Street, which is home to the Kelowna Model Railroaders.  This is also the site of a Wine and Apple Orchard Museum which is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday.  The model train layout features several interactive displays. 
Knowing that a VIP was about to visit their fair city, the local Mayor decided that they did not want another kidnapping incident.  A call was placed to Elite Security Patrol, the Moose Pooper Troopers. While these fellows look rather homely, they are the epitome of efficiency.  Within moments of arriving on a scene, they cover the ground like a pooper trooper odor.
Once the Pooper Troopers had secured the area, the train was permitted to pull the Alaska up to the depot and the Prez was able to de-train.
Pooper Troopers were then posted around the site to assure the safety of the Prez.
A face that only a mother moose could love, well maybe.
While visiting the website, the Prez found out about a lovely girl in a blue dress somewhere on the Rocky Mountain Railway & Coal Co. (R.M. Rail).  The Pres was off to the Albion trailer Park, to visit the R.M. Rail.  As by now word of a “Big Time Rail Baron” had spread all over Canada, once again the local authorities decided it best to keep the Moose Pooper Troopers around for a while longer.
Because of their stature and as the Business Car Alaska only provided limited space for extra passengers, it became necessary to provide the Moose Pooper Troopers with a plush “Club Car”.
Added security was also provided with a helicopter on the ready.  The local authorities were just not going to take any chances.
It looks like the Canadian Military was even called out on alert.  Hummmm  I wonder if that was because of the Prez and his reputation?
The Prez was most impressed with the security provided for his visit.  It was noted that the Prez did make some mention about the “Gamey Odor in the air” whenever the Troopers were near by.
While passing through Kelowna, the Prez was invited to attend the opening of the new BA oil storage facility on the Spurway Railway. (  This link was quite interesting and looks like a good place to stop and visit when traveling between Alaska and the Lower 48.  A direct link to Modeling the British American Oil can be had at

On October 4, the Prez’s went south to Lynden Washington and  the Lions’ 24th Annual Railroad show.
With the assistance of the
Tacoma Northwestern Railroad Club
and the Great Northern Railway, the Prez arrived in Seattle Washington, where the R.M. Rail steamer Pegasus was waiting to transport the Prez home to Alaska.  
Four of the Moose Pooper Troopers decided to return with Robert Moore to Canada, however Moose Pooper Trooper Officer Drooper decided to return with the Prez to Alaska.   Officer Drooper has requested that he be assigned to duty in Mooselip and is currently awaiting his orders from the Moose Pooper Trooper head office.

The Business Car Alaska, Prez and Moose Pooper Trooper Officer Drooper arrived in Palmer amidst an early season snow storm and as his box was smaller then usual, he was delivered directly into the CSWRR mail box.  By the time the package was retrieved, the temperature in side the Alaska had “cooled off significantly”.  Well needless to say, the chubby little Prez was more then unhappy.  He was down right furious.  With chattering teeth, he let it be known that this was no way to treat a Prez, especially not this Prez.
Once again, the Prez has been on the move.  In mid March, the Prez on board the Alaska, caught the barge out of Whittier, and journeyed to Cordova to visit Mike Galambush and his Copper River and North Western Railroad.  Immediately on his arrival, the Prez noticed that the CR&NW crews were little people, he then noticed that everyone in town was little people.  Once the Business Car Alaska was lifted from the deck of the ferry and placed on the CR&NW rails, it required two CR&NW steam engines to move the Alaska.  For the next five or six weeks, the Prez had the opportunity to relax (what he does most of the time) and visit the town of Cordova. 

Judging from the sign on the hill, it hasn’t been since the days of the Guggenheims that such a prominent figure has visited Cordova.  As the Business Car Alaska was pulled and pushed from the wharf, to the town of Cordova, the Prez commented that the track seemed just a little rough, almost like riding on the ties.  Mike, thanks for hosting the Prez.
Shortly there after, the Business Car Alaska was coupled to the rear of the Cadiz Local and in the picture below we see it heading down grade through Cajon.  After being set out in the San Bernardino A Yard, it was spotted in it’s stall in the back of the roundhouse.
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When he returned back home, he arrived in the middle of a late spring snowfall and had to sit on the dock for a couple days in his “Black Box”.  This made the Prez very unhappy and even more grumpier.  Eventually the roads were cleared and he and the Alaska were finally returned to CSWRR Rails.  To cheer him up, the Prez was greeted by a group of his loyal fans riding in the Party Car.  The Prez did comment that the little people of Cordova were very friendly and that he had a great time.