The History and Travels
of the Business Car Alaska.
Part 14, The Prez Visits Utah.
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It was a real rainy stormy spring day in Lehi Utah, when the snail mail man dropped the Prez box in front of my door and I immediately unpacked the Prez.  The Prez commented that his trip seemed to be OK although he was shaken around a bit here and there. .
To help him overcome the long trip, we welcomed him with a strong coffee with some kirsch in it. (Kirsch is cherry brandy, which all Europeans put in their coffee)  The Prez liked the coffee a lot and asked for some more.
On June 9, 2015, The Business Car Alaska and Prez arrived in Utah, the Beehive State as the guest of Mr. Emil Bigler. 
On June 13, the Alaska with the Prez on Board arrived at the Golden Spike Train club in Salt Lake City Utah.  The Prez had heard that there were a couple of Swiss Crocodiles roaming around and he sure wanted to get a ride behind one of these.
Soon after arriving, the Alaska was parked at the Ogden roundhouse between a Big Boy and a Challenger locomotives.  While this was rather an intimidating situation, he really wanted to see and ride behind one of the Crocodiles.
Soon the Alaska was moved out into a very large yard, but still no sign of the Crocs.  One by one, the other trains in the yard departed, leaving only the Prez to cool his heals.
Now, the Prez felt a slight bump and realized that he was being coupled up to one of the Crocs.  Now the Alaska was being shoved down the track ahead of these monster machines.  Wow what a thrill!  Wow, are these electric engines quiet, all you can hear is the blower to cool the electric motor.  Soon, the train was traveling by Salt Lake Cities Grand Central Station where a High Level El Capitan was loading passengers.
Before long the relatively flat land gave way to mountains and as train passed over several rather spectacular bridges and trestles.
What a ride, the Prez was really enjoying his front row seat on this train.  Monica was heard commenting, I hope we don't derail and find ourselves in the bottom of one of these canyons.
But then, the unthinkable happened.  The Alaska stubbed-its-toe, Derailed.  Now the Prez has been left behind in a very embarrassing situation as a trio of SBB Ae 6-6's wiz past on an adjacent track.  I bet that crew were laughing their heads off as they passed a very embarrassed Prez.
Before long, a wheel truck appeared with orders to rerail the Alaska.  When they arrived. the crew were quite amused by the size of the car.  One crew member commented, "I thought that we were going to rerail a car, not half a car".  Before long, the Alaska was back on the rails and coupled behind a Santa Fe Pacific to continue it's journey.  You can also visit a Twitter posting from Kevin, one of the Golden Spike Train club's members
Here we see the Alaska being shoved across the Rio Grande River by a single GP7 operated by Bill.
A short time later Conductor David riding in his caboose is keeping an eye on the Alaska as it crosses the Western Pacific Bridge.
The Prez and the Alaska are sandwiched between some monster engines as they are shuttled around the yard.
Bill wanting to give the Pres the best possible view of the railroad is shoving the Alaska ahead of his train.
Pulled behind a UP GP7, the Prez visited a gold mine which is located under one of the largest viaducts on the railroad.
After mouthing off to the train crew once to often, the Prez was left to cool his heals by an abandoned water tank.
Soon, Engineer David coupled the Alaska behind his 2-10-2 and they were able to continue the tour.
Wow, was that close.  The Thalys train came around a curve and found the Alaska parked right in front of it.  The engineer "plugged the train" and was able to stop just inches from hitting the Alaska.  After that experience, Monica decided that she had enough and told the Prez that it was time to leave.

We would like to thank Mr. Emil Bigler and the crew at the Golden Spike Train club in Salt Lake City Utah for hosting the Prez.  And the engineer of the Thalys train for stopping his train just in time.

Early on the morning of June 27, 2015 the Prez with Monica at his side arrived aboard the Business car Alaska in Casper, Wyoming as the guest of Nathan Lange President of the Central Wyoming Railroad.

Early on the morning of June 27, 2015 the Prez with Monica at his side arrived aboard the Business car Alaska in Casper, Wyoming as the guest of Nathan Lange and the Central Wyoming Railroad
Monica commented that the mountains looked cold, much like at home in Alaska.
At the direction of President Nathan Lange, a Central Wyoming Railroad, special train was made up for the pleasure of their visiting guest. 
With Casper mountain in the background, the is the train was pulling away from depot and soon passed a veterans war monument.
Shortly we pass a coal empty Chicago & Northwestern train waiting in the hole to get into the Sleepy Ridge coal mine.
For the pleasure of the Prez, the train makes a photo stop at the famous triple bridges.
Shortly our train passes through a time warp and arrives at Old Town in the early 1950's.  Old Town is a small sleepy place where Clint Eastwood has been known to visit and brush up on his western persona.  The town residents like to pass the day by watching the railroad and catch a glimpse of the strange futuristic trains rumbling by.
After a hard uphill pull, the Prez returns from the time warp to arrive at the Summit Station.  Summit is a very popular tourist destination with it's steep cliffs and glorious waterfalls.
Arriving to Cheyenne, the Prez enters the yard and passes the very active roundhouse.  On the Central Wyoming Railroad, the city of Cheyenne is a bustling community with the yard used by multiple railroads.

We would like to thank Mr. Nathan Lange of Evansville, WY for hosting the Business car Alaska and Prez.

Before long the train is back in the Agricultural flat lands with it's many cattle ranches and farms.