The History and Travels
of the Business Car Alaska.
Part 2, The Early Years.

On Saturday April 17, 1999 the Alaska toured the Monterey & Salinas Valley, Railroad Modeling and Historical Society's modular layout in Salinas.  This was a hard trip as few had ever seen a RR Prez from Alaska and many wanted to pick him up for a closer look.
On May 4, 1999 the Alaska rode the rails of the Far East & Western Pacific, located in Pacific Grove Ca.  The FE&WP was originally built by the late Walt Reuland, who is a member of the modern day Gorre & Dephetid Operators.  The RR is currently under the control of Jim Eichenberg and is in a major rebuilding program to replace 40 plus year old track
On May 11, 1999 the Alaska rode Jack Brown's Santa Fe, between Amarillo and Fort worth and is located near the Laguna Seca race track.  This road was under construction at this time and the Prez got a first hand look of all the construction.

On May 18, 1999 the Alaska was again touring a Railroad under construction.  The State Belt Railroad which is being constructed by it's host, Bob Shanteau.  The Prez was amazed at all the debris leftover from railroad building.  Bob is also a member of the modern day Gorre & Dephetid Operators.

On May 25, 1999 the Alaska visited the Big Sur & Pacific.  This RR was originally built by Francis Rand of Carmel Valley.  Later the railroad was given to a local Boy Scout troop and is kept in Allan's Fenton's garage.  Allan was another Gorre & Daphetid operator and the locomotive coupled to the Alaska was used at Port the night before the G & D fire.
Later on May 25, 1999 the Alaska toured a Giant Gage RR, the Chews Ridge Lumber Company which is also owned by Allen Fenton.  As the Alaska's gauge was far to small for G gage track, it and the Prez were loaded onto a flat car where they had a wonderful view of the country and a photo stop at Ophir.
The Alaska then was operated on the two Timesavers which were built by the late John Allen.  The Prez was very honored at having the privilege to ride on these tracks of legendary history.  The crews for this operation were Allan Fenton and Glen Joesten.

On May 29, 1999 the Alaska toured the Greenhorn, Deadwood & Humburg RR, the Humbug Mining Company RR and the Pino Grande Lumber Company RR which are owned and operated by Glenn Joesten.  Here again, the Alaska had to be loaded onto a flat car for the trip over these Giant Gauge roads. 
Then later on May 29, 1999, the Alaska toured the monstrous Monterey & Sailinas Valley Railroad, which is headquartered in the former REA building in Salinas. 

In July of 19999, the Alaska visited the 350,000 gallon Tropical Reef Exhibit in the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific where it was loaded into Bathyscaphe for a dive.  Then it visited the UP's J Yard and BNSF Watson Yard where it got a first hand look at fueling operations and  a yard tour in a dash 9-44.

On the August 7, 1999 the Alaska was hosted by Tom Turner and operated over Gary Segel's L&N Railroad in Santa Barbara Ca.  The car was picked up at Corbin Ky. and traveled to Ashland Va. over the Cumberland Valley Sub, making several unscheduled stops for the Prez at places like "Monicas" before continuing on to Revenna and on to Chicago.

A tired Prez and the Alaska arrived by barge back on the CSWRR, home rails on September 10, 1999.  On September 11, the car arrived at San Bernardino on the rear of the CLS and was spotted near the roundhouse.  It was reported that all the Prez could mutter was "Monica".

At the fourth annual CSWRR open house, on September 18 and 19, the Prez hosted a grand tour of the CSWRR for invited guests and visitors on the Alaska and the Party Car in the Boomer Bob Fun Time Tour special. 

In the early morning hours of September 20th, 1999 the Alaska and the Prez were loaded onto the barge for yet another trip to the lower 48.  The destination was in New Jersey, for a farewell to Tony Kostner's, Allegheny Midland Railroad.  The Prez was very proud to have taken part in the farewell to this world famous railroad.  The Alaska and the Prez arrived back on home rails on October 28.
At the request of the CEO, the Pres riding in the Alaska was sent on a track inspection tour of the CSWRR.  Within hours of their November 15, 1999 departure, it became obvious that the Prez was nothing but a playboy and not fit for any form of  meaningful work.  His detailed daily reports of "yes the track is there" and "it's just where it was spiked down" were a sure indication of his incompetence.  This was only overshadowed by his continuing problems with "Monicas".  From one to two, then six, at which time he became so disoriented that he had to be brought home on November 19th in an ambulance.  It was only after several days of special attention from the noted psychologist Dr. Cookoo that the Prez is back to himself.
On the chilly morning of November 24, 1999 the Alaska and Prez were loaded on the barge for the lower 48 where on Wednesday evening, December 1, 1999 the Alaska with the Prez on board, were given a tour of the Southern Arizona Society of Model Engineers, Tucson & Southwestern Railroad, in Tucson, Arizona.  The Prez was given the red carpet treatment by it's host Pete Sheakley, with a special T & S R locomotive assigned to his train.
On December 15, 1999 the Prez on board the Alaska visited Joe Duda's Hoot & Toot Railroad in Tucson.  Joe is a old friend of the CEO, from back in the late 60's.  The power for the H & T was one of the roads best steam engines.
On January 15 and 16, the Business car Alaska and the Prez toured the 7 1/2 inch Maricopa Live Steamers in Tempe, Arizona where the Prez had a wonderful opportunity to smell coal and steam.  The Prez and Alaska arrived home a few days later in the middle of one of worst storms in years and had to wait for a day before being unloaded from the Barge

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Would you like to have the Prez and Business Car Alaska visit your Railroad or Club?  For more information, e-mail Marty Quaas, CEO of the Consolidated South Western Railroad.
Would you like to have the Prez and Business Car Alaska visit your Railroad or Club?  For more information, e-mail Marty Quaas, CEO of the Consolidated South Western Railroad.