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For it's final visit on this trip to Fairbanks, the Alaska and Prez visited David Shewfelt's Joint line.  The Alaska along with the Joint Line Business Car shown above, are bringing up the rear of a freight.  For more on David's Joint Line, you may visit his Web Site at http://www.angelfire.com/ak4/dastrains/index.html

The Management of the CSWRR would like to take this opportunity to thank the Model Railroaders of the Tanana Valley Model Railroad Club and especially Ron Gatterdam for coordinating the visit in Fairbanks and Ron Sheets for getting it sent back home.

The Alaska then traveled to Bill Reed's, Raton Pass Railroad shown above.  Bill models the Santa Fe line over Raton Pass which is on the Colorado, New Mexico border.  It looks like the Alaska and Prez are about to enjoy a great trip over Raton Pass behind one of the Santa Fe's 4-8-4's.
The Business Car Alaska then traveled to visit the Tanana Valley Model Railroad Club which is located in the South End if the Fairbanks Depot.  Shown above, it looks like the North Bound Moose Gooser has just arrived and the tourists will shortly be boarding buses to take them to the local hotels.  To clear road crossings, the Fairbanks switcher will shortly couple to the Alaska and the train and move it to a yard track.  For more information and pictures anout The Tanana Valley Model Railroad Club you may visit their Web Site at  http://www.tvrr.org/
In the end of August, 2004, the Prez rode the Business Car Alaska to Fairbanks where he made several stops, visiting four model Railroads.  His first stop was at Ron Gatterdam's shown above, where he was shuttled about the yard with a 3 truck shay.
In early August, 2004 word finally got back to the Prez that the Widow Black had met up with a Flim-Flam-Man and left town.  After nearly two years in seclusion the Prez had the Business Car Alaska pulled out from it's hiding place in the back of the San Bernardino Round House and once again made ready to travel.  The Ol' Prez was a mess, but a quick shower, well several showers and a trip to visit the barber made the little fellow as good as new.  The Alaska was even in worse shape as it took six gondolas to clean up all the trash and empty beer cans to haul off the mess. 
Once back on the road, the Prez's first adventure was on August 13, 2004 to once again visit the Northern Lights Model Railroad Club in Anchorage and this time he was on his best behavior and there were no incidents as in the past. The picture above shows the Alaska and Prez enjoying scenery from a high bridge at Gunsight Mountain on the Alaska Northern Railroad, the Northern Lights Model Railroad Club in Anchorage Alaska. 
On the morning of March 30, 2004 the Prez, Party Car and the CSWRR were honored by a visit from another traveler, Chipper.  Chipper is from Mrs. Edwins' 5th grade class, Calusa Elementary School in Miami Florida.  The Prez and Chipper had quite a time talking about their travels.
The History and Travels
of the Business Car Alaska.
Part 7,   In 2004
Would you like to have the Prez and Business Car Alaska visit your Railroad or Club?  For more information, e-mail Marty Quaas, CEO of the Consolidated South Western Railroad.