The History and Travels
of the Business Car Alaska.
Part 8, The Prez Gets Married and the Winter of 2006-2007.
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Being the president of a railroad is by no means an easy job, even if it is a HO Scaled railroad.  Often events occur that require your presence and our Prez and the CSWRR is no exception.  One such event took place in the summer of 2005 and at the annual CSWRR’s Open House in September.  To read more about this Adventure, I would invite you to read the story about Wasatch Willey’s Western Rail Tours Train.

In the early morning hours of March 17, 2006 an unmarked Checker Cab number 13, pulled up to the rear entrance of the San Bernardino Roundhouse.  Only the shadow of a lovely woman wearing a beaver pelt coat could be seen as she quietly paid the driver and slipped into the dimly lit roundhouse door.  Knowing exactly where to go and avoiding the piles of empty beer cans and pizza boxes, she was on board the Business Car Alaska and in the waiting arms of the Prez.  Moments later the lights in the Alaska were dimmed and all was silent.  Who is this lovely?  Could it be that the Prez has found another lady with whom he can not live without?  After several days of muffled moans, Pizza and beer deliveries, the Prez finally emerged from the Alaska in the company of an extremely lovely lady.

Standing on the rear platform, the Prez introduced his companion as Moonshine Kavishnakoff, Moonbeam Kavishnakoff’s younger and far more attractive sister.  Well, now we all know who Miss Moonshine is, one of the best shots with a 222 in these parts.  She has been known on many occasions to have nailed a wolf between the eyes at 300 yards (Lucky shots, no way).  The Prez went on to inform us that he and Moonshine would be departing in the Alaska shortly for Moonshine’s secret camp (code name Secret Camp) somewhere in the headwaters of the Toklat River.  Miss. Moonshine was presently under a contract with the government, working on a Top Secret project to cull the wolf population in the wilds of Alaska.
On this the final leg of their trip on the Alaska Northern Railroad, the romantic couple traveled through the picturesque community of Bay View.
Not far from their destination, the Business Car Alaska is seen departing Pack River.
Just north of Pack River, the Alaska can be seen entering the South Glacier Tunnel for the trip under the glacier.
Hidden deep in the Alaskan wilderness, someplace near the headwaters of the Toklat River is the top secret government camp, known only by its code name, Secret Camp. From here, the lovely Miss Moonshine has single-handedly been laboring to cull the wolf population of sub standard wolves.  Now with her new companion, the Prez she will continue her labor, or will she.  Arriving back at the Secret Camp in mid March and with several feet of snow still on the ground, our two have decided to hunker down in the Alaska for a few days.  Fortunately there was a good supply of pizza and beer in the supply car.

By late spring, most of the snow had melted and an urgent request was made to refill the supply car with Pizza, however there was no request for beer.  Instead the request was for Diet Pepsi and Diet Mountain Dew, what.  Then in the middle of the summer, a request was received back at the Government headquarters for a Marrying Preacher.  OH MY GOSH, what is going on?  Could it be that our Prez is falling?  What will all the Monica’s and Buxom Roller Blader Blond Babes do?

To make matters worse, word had been received back at Government Headquarters that there had been no wolf culling this year.

By August 2006, the wife of some high government muckity-muck was sent to find out what was going on at Secret Camp. Her stay was short and upon returning to civilization she had no comment other then a big smile.  However, she did immediately make arrangements for a mid-wife to visit Secret Camp.

By fall, the report back to Government Headquarters had been that there still had been no culling of wolves and the contract with the now Mrs. Moonshine Prez was terminated and the camp was closed down.  The Prez and Moonshine would have to return to civilization.

On a very chilly fall morning, a southbound empty ore train was traveling through the South Glacier Tunnel when the train went into emergency.  Fortunately, the head-end had just cleared the south portal and they were able to get the air pumped back up and start moving.  When the rear of the train emerged, from the tunnel, the train had acquired two additional cars on the rear.  The Business Car Alaska and an empty Supply car were now tagging along on the rear of the empty ore train. 

When the train crew stopped at Pack River to check out what they had acquired, they were even more amazed to find out that the Prez and Moonshine were a family with two kids and a dog.  OH My Gosh, what has happened to the Prez?
Shortly there after, the train arrived at the Alaska Northern Railroads port town of Johnstown.  Later that day the Business Car Alaska was loaded on a barge for the trip south and home rails on the CSWRR.
Following the Prez family’s return to San Bernardino, one of the most amazing events in years took place, the Prez attended the Monday morning Board of Directors meeting.  Not only was the Prez at the meeting, he chaired the meeting.  Over the following weeks the Prez actually started taking an active part in the day-to-day operation of the railroad.

For a family of four to live in the confines of the Business Car Alaska parked in back of a roundhouse stall can be extremely trying.  While the Alaska was a palace for our Prez as a single bachelor, its confines can and are very difficult for the Prez Family.  To make matters worse, the roundhouse foreman was complaining about the children climbing on the equipment, the trikes parked in the walkways and even marbles for the roundhouse crew to trip on.  The foeman wanted the Prez and his family out of his roundhouse, NOW.

This was no problem for the Prez as he was more then glad to oblige the foreman.  With the CSWRR recently taking over control of the Knik River Railroad, the Prez would move his family to their log home just above the Feltman Station.  That afternoon, the Business Car Alaska along with four box cars of household furnishings’ was dispatched to the Knik River Railroad.  By the next day, the Prez and family were all moved in.  The local MTA had connected up the phone lines and DSL service and our Prez had joined the Yuppies and he was teleconferencing with CSWRR Headquarters’.

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The winter of 2006 – 2007 was one of the worst in the history of the Knik River Railroad.  In late December it started to snow and by January 10th, there was over 8 feet of snow on the ground. Then in mid January a Chinook came in for about 3 days and started to melt everything.  This was followed by more very cold and more snow, much more snow.  The Knik River Railroad called in a rotary and did manage to keep the line open for a while; however the Big Slide near Mile 7 came down closing the Railroad down.  A crew was called in with a front loader to clear the line but had to be called back because of the high danger of more avalanches.  Supplies had to be brought in to the stranded residents by snow machine or by air drop by the Garner Flying Service out of Wasilla.

By February, things at the Prez’s home were not so rosy.  The goats and chickens had the log home smelling very bad; bad enough to even gag a maggot and now even a pig had been added.  Since arriving at the log home, Moonshine has done nothing but lay around and has put on a lot of weight, she now weighs in at 290 pounds. Our Prez had just about had all he could handle and all he could do is sit in front of the front window and watch more show come down.  He dreamed about the wonderful days with Monica, his visit to West Wing, the Buxom Roller Blader Blond Babes and all his other wonderful adventures.

By the end of March, when the Prez was starting to think that it would never warm up, when his old friend Barney stopped by with his dog team.  The two old friends spent that evening reminiscing about old times.  The next morning on April first when the Prez got up, Old Barney was gone and so were Moonshine, Suzy, Jack and the dog Spot.  Our Prez immediately did the most honorable thing that he could do; he offered a $100 reward for the return of the dog.  Goat’s chickens and pig, out you go.  Yea…they are gone.  All of them….Yea.  Oh my gosh, look at this house, what a mess.

The Prez went looking for the quarry spur where the Alaska had been parked last fall, just to find that the Alaska was totally buried.  With shovel in hand, he started to dig and only after several hours was the Alaska once again free of its winter grave. 

Just in case you are wondering, as it turns out, Moonshine was already married to a guy from Moose Pass who worked in a gas station and sold Moose Pass Gas.

Early the next morning, the CSWRR switch crew moved the Business Car Alaska along with a supply car to the interchange track.  Several days later and during the 2006 Fur Rondy, the Alaska arrived by barge at the port of Johnstown on the Alaska Northern Railroad.

After unloading, the Business Car Alaska and a supply car, they were coupled to the rear of a north bound ore train for the trip to Secret Camp. 
Just moments later, the train emerges from the other end of the South Glacier Tunnel with NO Alaska.  What has happened to the Alaska and our Prez with the lovely Miss Moonshine?
Upon arriving back in San Bernardino, the CSWRR switch crew spotted the Business Car Alaska over to the roundhouse where the Prez introduced the new additions to his family.  His son Jack, his daughter Suzy and the dog Spot.  Jack is without a doubt, all boy and his favorite game is to play pirate with a patch over one eye, a real swashbuckler.  Suzy is full of sugar and spice and one of the sweetest young ladies in Alaska.  Spot is a lazy hound that just loves to chase squirrels; eat peanuts, granola bars and grapes.
By late fall of 2006, the Prez family had gotten settled into the log home at Feltman on the Knik River Railroad.  The Prez was really taking his work seriously by teleconferencing with CSWRR Headquarters’.  Moonshine had bought 3 goats, 12 chickens and a rooster from the neighbors and with no barn, had to keep these creatures in the house.  Many times when the Prez was teleconferencing, he had to explain the rooster tail in his picture.
Then in the distance, there was a sound that our Prez had been hoping to hear, the distant sound of a rotary.  Finally, after over two months, the Knik River Railroad was reopened with a leased rotary and the Prez and Alaska could return to civilization.  Late on the following day, the Alaska was returned to the back of the San Bernardino Roundhouse.  The Prez was so exhausted from this adventure that he slept inside the Alaska for the entire trip.  However, shortly after his return, an order went out for pizza and beer, lots of pizza and beer.
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