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The History and Travels
of the Business Car Alaska.
The Prez Visits Virginia, Colorado then Gets Married Again

Would you like to have the Prez and Business Car Alaska visit your Railroad or Club?  For more information, e-mail Marty Quaas, CEO of the Consolidated South Western Railroad.
For the past several years our Ol Prez had been rather quiet and trying to stay out of trouble.  He only made an occasional trip out, mostly to put in appearances.  This spring was however quite different as he was for some unknown reason actually cleaning out all the accumulated trash and beer cans from the Alaska.  He also had informed the roundhouse crew that they were to do a special spring cleaning of the roundhouse and he wanted it to be spotless.  On a rather dark evening, a long black limo pulled up outside and a very lovely shadowy figure got out and slipped into the back of the roundhouse.  For the next several days, all the curtains in the Alaska were kept tightly closed and only muffled sounds could be heard.  Who was the lovely lady with the Prez?
It was now mid Spring and on a very clear, warm sunny morning a security crew was setup around the roundhouse with specific instructions that no one not on the list was to be allowed in.  Soon the Party Car arrived with a very select group of guests and everyone assembled in front of the roundhouse.  No cameras were allowed and especially no paparazzi.  It was only with great difficulty that we were able to sneak these pictures..
Shortly the two cars were coupled behind Kink River number 41 and the train departed East out of San Bernardino.  At Ono a group of paparazzi were waiting for the train to pass.  Seeing the impending breach of security, as the train passed the engineer simply opened the blow down valve clearing everyone back from the right-of-way.  This also rendered several rather expensive cameras as useless.
At Devore, the train came to a stop and everyone detrained to ride a bus up to the Nature Lovers Resort where all guests were invited to join the Bride and Groom in the Natural look, which most of the guests did.

So who is this lovely who has truly captured the affections of our Prez?  Could it be..........  Monica?

The wedding and reception were fairly short, lasting less then an hour.  The happy couple were then whisked back to the awaiting train now consisting of only number 41 and the Business Car Alaska.  As soon as they were on board the engineer released the brakes and the train sped off heading East up Cajon Pass.

Having learned their lesson at Ono, this time the paparazzi stood up on the I 15 overpass so as to get a good look at the happy couple and yes it was no other then Monica, the Prez's old flame.  It was also noted that she had a baseball bat close at hand, which I am sure was to keep the Prez in line.

Over the next several days there were several sightings of the Prez showing Monica the sights along the CSWRR,  Here he is showing her the Parent Navel Orange Tree.  Shortly, the Alaska was returned to the back of the Roundhouse to await it's next adventure, now with Monica.
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On September 23, 2011 the Prez and Party car visited Jerry Ritter's Hudson and Ohio Railroad in Charlottesville Virginia.
On September 29, 2011 the Prez and Party car had the pleasure of visiting a Christmas Railroad of Dorothy Sarles in Colorado Springs. Dorothy, a cousin of the CEO built this operating diorama using ceramic structures and figures.
In these pictures, the railroad is still under construction, however Jerry already has a crew and holding regular Operating Sessions.