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Wasatch Willey's Western Rail Tours Part 1
Wasatch Willey's Western Rail Tours Part 2

Late last fall, Willey decided that he wanted to visit with his old friend and railfan buddy, Bagdad Bob.  Bob lives in California, several hundred miles to the south, overlooking the Santa Fe Needles Subdivision, at Bagdad, California.  Bagdad had without a doubt seen better days as today there is nothing left except a railroad sign reading Bagdad, Bobs house and a short spur where several old passenger cars were parked.  It was Bob’s great uncle who many years in the past secretly hauled many old tires up into the dormant Amboy Volcano Crater, then one day lit them on fire.  The smoke created quite a local stir.

The Crap Shooter Story
On a Saturday several months ago, while the train crew was laying over in Vegas, engineer Leroy and conductor Ed, some how wandered over to one of the casinos.  Before long, they had lost several weeks of pay at the poker table.  Leroy decided to put the 926 up for more money.  Leroy not being a good gambler, soon lost everything and the casino now owned the 926. Returning to the yard, they were met by Corey, one of the car knockers who asked why the casino had taken possession of the 926.  Ed and Leroy explained their tale of woe exclaiming that they needed a locomotive to get them back to LA.  Corey suggested that there was an old Baldwin AS-616, UP 1261 out back waiting to be cut up for scrap.
An Executive Tour of the Consolidated South Western Railroad.

You are invited to an Executive Tour of the Consolidated South Western Railroad (CSWRR).  Your host is Marty Quaas, CEO of the CSWRR.  The Executive Train will be departing from the San Bernardino Depot promptly at 11:00 AM.  When you arrive at the San Bernardino Depot, you find the train spotted at the west end of the depot near the statue of the CSWRR’s beloved Prez.
Wasatch Willey is a friendly old cuss and railfan, who just sits on his front porch thinking about the good old days while taking pictures and watching the trains roll by.
In the face of extreme competition from the Strip Hotels, some of the downtown casinos decided that to improve business, they needed to bring the crap shooter back.  With subsidies from several casinos, the UP and CSW agreed to provide weekend service between LAUPT and Vegas.  The train consisted of locomotive E8 926, a baggage car, 2 chair cars and 1 dome car.
Our special today is powered by ALCO PA2/PB2, Santa Fe Number 75.  As the departure time nears, our engineer confers with Senior Track Inspector; Otto Gage who assures us the track ahead is in excellent condition.  At exactly 11 AM, Engineer Willey brings the ALCOs to life and he slowly eases out on the main heading west.
Mooselip Alaska

Every town has a story, and Mooselip may be small, but it is no exception, it has quite a story to tell.  From Mooselip's Mayor parading around town, Boy Scouts out for a Hike, to a Hazardous Spill, Mooselip is an active community with many mini scenes.

To make sure the residents remember me, I often parade around town.  That’s me Mayor Ichabod Dilittle sitting up in the back of the convertible.  Most folks just refer to me by what I do most of the time, "I Do Little".
The Turtle Creek Central Railroad

Upon retiring from the military, Richard pursued a new career in the logging industry.  Acquiring the logging rights to a 128,000 acre tract of land, roughly 8 miles east of the town of Palmer, Alaska.  To oversee the engineering of the project, to construct a saw mill, town and a railroad, Richard called on his brother Clarence and his civil engineering skills. 
Retired US Marine turned Lumber Tycoon, Richard Ayers.
Take A Ride On The
Northern Lights Model Railroad Club’s
Alaska Northern Railroad

Joe lives deep in interior Alaska, not far from the Alaska Northern Railroad by a lake known only as Lost Lake. Just why it is called Lost Lake, well it seems that only Joe knows just where it is at. Joe’s rustic cabin sits on a rocky hill just above the Railroad.  Last March, Joe received a letter from his brother Clarence who is a Lawyer down in San Francisco. Clarence’s son, Allen wanted to come up and spend the summer with Joe at his cabin to observe the environment. Allen had recently received a degree at UC something or other in environmental science and global warming.
On a rather warm spring morning, Joe caught the South Bound RDC to Johnstown to meet Allen the Kid. Allen stood out like a mosquito bite on your nose. He was loaded to the gills with 3 large duffle bags, wearing a heavy parka and a can of bug spray in his hand. Joe introduced himself to the kid and immediately received a response of what is that thing on your shoulder, to which Joe replied “that’s my 300 Winchester Magnum”. “What’s that for?” the kid replied. “Well, that’s to keep the furry creatures away.” “Let’s go over to Sam and Elas and get some supper.”

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The Knik River Railroad
The Sutton-Palmer Railroad